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Chapter Focuses on Response to Student Writing


Anson, Chris M. "What Good Is It? The Effects of Teacher Response on Students' Development." Writing Assessment in the 21st Century: Essays in Honor of Edward M. White. Ed. Norbert Elliot and Les Perelman. New York: Hampton Press, 2012. 187-202.

Is there anyone involved in writing assessment who has not ready Teaching and Assessing Writing: Understanding, Evaluating, and Improving Student Performance? For over forty years, Edward M. White, author of that volume and other seminal works in instruction and evaluation, has led debates about accountability by focusing on student learning. In this edited collection, thirty five leaders in assessment pay tribute to Professor White by documenting the landscape, strategies, consequence, and future of the field. Readers will find in these chapters the beginning of a new phase in writing assessment, one informed by an appreciation of complexity and a devotion to fairness that marked the career of the scholar honored in these pages. (from http://www.hamptonpress.com/)